Nairobi City based lawyer Stephen Mogaka has rubbished rumors spread round the County that he is salivating for the county’s top seat in a joint ticket with Former Kitutu legislature Timothy Bosire.

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They had both appeared together at the burial of then local comedian in Motagara of West Mugirango last year where there were speculations of them working together in 2022 as they poked holes at the County leadership.

Instead, Mogaka, who said has been on a sabbatical leave from politics, said his intentions were geared towards clinching the West Mugirango Member of Parliament (M.P) seat and not county politics.

He termed those spreading the rumors as people who want to divert his energies from his lane,  adding that  he would not be swayed.

“Those going round saying that I have interest for the county politics should find something else to do because I don’t remember anywhere declaring my intent. They should be informed that I am well put and still eying the west Mugirango MP seat when the elections come,” Said Mogaka.

Mogaka, who has vied thrice unsuccessfully, said that he was determined his right time will be in 2022. He was number two in the 2017 general elections where he narrowly beaten by his law student turned political rival Vincent Kemosi.

“I urge my supporters and people of West Mugirango to stay put and let’s do it come 2022," added Mogaka.