Kilifi County boss Amason Kingi has proposed for a fully-fledged federal system of government (Majimboism) with a three-tier governance structure comprising of National Government, Regional Governments and Counties. 

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Governor Kingi wants all other functions to be devolved and be undertaken by the regional governments that will have regional assemblies and regional police force.

He said National Government’s main function should only be restricted to Foreign Affairs and Defense of Kenyan borders including policy matters. According to him, this concept of leadership is not new to Kenya. 

"The concept of majimboism at independence captured a system of government where there were eight regions created. This was much the debate during the Constitution-making process," he said.

With a fully-fledged federal system, Kingi said it is envisaged that power and resources will not be concentrated at the centre but rather at the regional governments. 

"We propose that the National Government’s main function be restricted to Foreign Affairs and Defense of our borders including policy matters," said the Kilifi governor.

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He indicated such government system will address the marginalisation issue and regional disparities in Kenya for a fresh approach that will foster a more balanced economic development in the country.

Kingi was appearing before the Building Bridges Initiative select committee on Tuesday at Pwani University.

On matters of land injustices at the Coast, the second-term governor called for the full implementation of the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) report to bring about healing and closure of the hurt that the coast people have witnessed. "All post-independence government regimes have not honestly and adequately addressed these injustices."The report of the TJRC contains a comprehensive chapter on Land and Conflict.

The report recognises that in particular communities at the Coast, especially the Mijikenda, Taita and Pokomo, have suffered the longest and most severe injustices. 

The Commission noted that land-related injustices at the Coast are one of the key reasons for under-development in the area and have caused the emergence of the groups demanding for cessation like the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC).