City lawyer Donald Kipkorir has extended his attack on the church once more saying they should stop begging politicians for the contributions as it goes beyond the real purpose of the existence.

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In a tweet, the fiery tycoon said the church must be contented with the contributions made by its true followers and believers, not relying on non-members for economic empowerment and development.

"The moment a church relies on donations from non-members, it ceases being a believing church of Christ," his tweet read in part.

He added that the Church gets out of order and becomes profit-making.

"If you cannot believe the great commission order of Christ and you hold out a begging bowl to politicians, you can’t claim to be his follower. You are a Sacco member," he added.

The lawyer, however, challenged the church which has the largest following in the world to work at its best to maintain the course.

"In commissioning the 72 disciples, Jesus told them to take no purse or sandals but survive on the generosity of those who will welcome them. This means that the Roman Catholic Church must survive by its followers, the Anglican by its faithful, SDA by its adherents," he noted.

The Church has been on the receiving end for its 'greed' by allowing politicians turn the Temple of God to the podium of preaching hatred, division, nepotism and making derogatory statements and for receiving proceeds of 'corruption'.