Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino is famous for his Tibiim rallying call he started during his days at the University of Nairobi.

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Most of his speeches are started and ended with the tibiim slogan. It was no different on Sunday as he accompanied several ODM leaders who visited various churches in Kibra to drum up support for the Orange Party’s flag bearer in the Kibra by-election Imran Okoth ahead of the November 7 by-election.

At Sarang’ombe’s Voice of Salvation and Healing Church, Babu Owino could not resist using the trademark Tibiim slogan in a bid to ‘chase away the devil’.

“Praise God. Today I have been saved at the PCEA Church so Bishop Mwalo me as Babu Owino today I will say good words. Today I will plan work in a good day. (Bwana Yesu asifiwe. Leo nimeokoka katika ile kanisa ya PCEA kwa hivyo leo Bishop Mwalo mimi kama Babu Owino nitasema maneno mazuri. Leo nitapanga kazi vilivyo),” stated the first term MP.

“Even in Church Tibiim must be said so that the devil can run away. The Church Haaah! The Church Riaaah! The Church Tibiim! Mwalo Tialalaa! 

(Hata kanisani lazima tibiim ipigwe ndio shetani pia akimbie. Wanakanisa Haaah! Kanisa Riaah! Kanisa tibiim! Mwalo tialalaa!),” he added as members of the Church applauded him.

ODM party is keen to retain the Kibra Parliamentary seat which was left vacant following the death of Ken Okoth. The party picked Okoth's brother Imran Okoth as candidate for November 7th polls.

Former Raila Odinga's aide Eliud Owalo is running on ANC ticket while Ford Kenya party has fielded Ramadhan Khamisi. McDonald Mariga will run on Jubilee ticket.