It is often said that if you want to understand a group of people within the shortest time possible, just spend some time with their leader.

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Just as Chinua Achebe notes in his book, 'The Trouble With Nigeria', "Nigerians are what they are because their leaders are not what they should be".

However, a leader can also be a direct reflection of the people he/she represents and as such a leader who is say corrupt, incompetent to name but a few, could just give you enough clue of the kind of people they represent and vice-versa.

This was the case on Thursday when Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu appeared before the Senate Public Accounts Committee to answer to audit queries.

Waititu who is the de facto face of the Kiambu county performed dismally leaving residents buried in shame and embarrassment as they became a laughing stock from the rest of Kenya.

Below we highlight some of the most embarrassing episodes caused by Waititu during his grilling at the Senate;

1. Crazy allocations

Kiambu was shocked to hear that their governor had allocated millions of shillings to State House, Free Primary Education and South Sudan peace efforts.

How the governor responded to these queries may not have been embarrassing as the trolling the Kiambu people got and continue to get on social media.

There are those who were even saying that the governor may already have a budgetary proposal for the ongoing Venezuela crisis.

2. Denials, Denials, Denials

When things are so obvious and the blood is all over your lips, denying will only make you look and sound foolish.

Waititu would deny most of the inconsistencies in the audit report opting to blame everything on his political detractors.

At one point, the committee chairman Senator Moses Kajwang had to call him to order telling him the committee was there to get serious and substantial answers from him not to play politics.

3. Incoherence

Waititu, as usual, was almost entirely incoherent on almost every query he was called upon to address. At one point, he would even request the committee chair to allow his Finance CeC Kigo Njenga to address the committee which was flatly rejected.