Residents of Magwagwa were treated with a rare drama aftet security chiefs from Nyamira descended on several illicit brew dens only to recover several panties soaked in the liquor.

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County Commissioner Amos Mariba had expressed fears that most of those engaging in the business have been adding dangerous concotions which end up causing harm to users.

"It is shocking that the operation has unearth some ill behaviors among the Chang'aa dealers. Our officers recovered several panties soaked in the brew. I am yet to know why these people are doing that," said a visibly shocked Mariba.

He added: "We have asked village elders to help in the crackdown. We shall arrest those engaging in the business and have them prosecuted. We can't allow people to kill others knowingly."

The county boss also said he's privy to another tactic used by brewers, saying some could be using urine as part of superstitions to keep customers. He said Nyamira North is the only notorious region.

According to Dr Timothy Ombati of Nyamira, soaking of panties only adds dirt to the drink, adding that the habit should be discouraged and perpetrators arrested.

"There is no science in whatever they are doing. This is just adding dirt to the poisonous drink. I don't know why they should so that. It's haphazard," he noted.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i had issued security chiefs from Nyamira an ultimatum of two months lapsing in May to weed out lllicit brewers.