Many relationships always don't make it through to marriage because of minor misunderstanding and lack of knowledge on how to entice your relationship to make it lively and not a  boring one .

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A good relationship is build by the two partners in love and here are some of the ways in which you and your partner should practice in order to make your relationship joyous forever if not most of the times;

1. Be a good support system

Everyone needs a supporting hand whenever they are in trouble or under mentally disturbing stress. In love, a partner will always expect first support from his/her loving partner. Whenever they get support from you, they will always feel the importance of you ,concern and how deep your love for them is.

2. Surprise! Surprises 

Every partner likes to be surprises, common things in relationship makes it boring. A loving partner should always anticipate to bring or do new things to their lover. This can be done through gifts, outings or even doing the home chores that are believed to be opposite gender chores. Make it you role, give the amazing sides of you. This makes your relationship a happy and healthy place to be.

3. Be hardworking

It is so essential that you be a hardworking and a  promising person. Do not be depending on your partner at all times. This builds hope in a person for a fulfilling happy future as you grow your relationship.