Dating in the current generation has turned out to be harder day-by-day. When talking about university dating this is not as simple as many may think. 

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Young people in universities end do unspeakable things out of love since they lack tips on how to handle university relationships. Here are dating tips for university students.

1. Don’t date people in your friendship group 

When it comes to dating someone in your friendship group is always a bad idea. It is a bad idea because whenever you date someone in your friendship circle that might highly affect your stay in that circle in scenarios where things fall apart in your relationship.

2. Not everyone wants a relationship

University constitutes people from different backgrounds. Therefore, some people may not be willing to engage in any sort of dating because they just want to concentrate on their studies. This is something that you should be prepared to face whenever you are trying to hit on someone.

3. Often interact with others

For you to meet someone that you can date, you need to interact. Make sure that you talk to people in your class, events and also those that you meet in other areas.