Leaders and elders from Garissa County have condemned the killing of a 45-year-old man by unknown gunmen in Raya location, Balambala sub-county.

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Reports indicate that Mohamed Abdi Hassan was shot and killed by unknown people while walking in his farm.

According to Hamud Sheikh; an elder from the community, the attackers are allegedly targeting people from specific clans in the area.

Speaking to the press during Hassan's burial, Hamud claimed the police are doing little to ensure those behind the killings are arrested and prosecuted, adding that this was the second incident in two months.

He said they have forwarded names of suspects to security officers, but nothing much has been done. 

“It is unfortunate that two months ago we lost two people in the hands of the same militia which, before killing, asks which clan one comes from. When you identify yourself they either kill or spare you, depending on which clan you come from.

“When they killed our people we sat down with the community where the killers hail from and they accepted to compensate Sh1 million per person. But even before they pay the agreed amount they are at it again. Surely, if this is not provoking us what is it?” he said as quoted by the Star.

Garissa peace committee secretary Hassan Osman called for peaceful co-existence among Abdwak and Aulihan communities in the area.

Osman called on the relevant authorities to ensure those behind the killings are arrested.

“We are yet to know the motive of the killer and we feel the police and the CID must bring the killers to book. We would not wish to see a further escalation of ethnic hostilities,” he said.