All women do go for a night out to have some fun and they end up a meet and getting familiar with men attracted to them.

This is a normal thing that happens every day, where both the lady and the man gets an opportunity to exchange their contact in order for them to connect on a later period.

However, note all meeting that happens in the club ends up to be a success even though there are some women who get lucky enough and get married by men that they met in a club.

During the first meeting, most guys are always charming, warm and nice in that they lure a woman to their trap.

It is sad that most of these men only go to clubs to seduce women and get rid of them.

In order to avoid being a victim, here are some ways to identify such men.

1. He’ll touch you a lot

A pickup artist is known to be too touchy.

They happen to touch a woman a lot because they already have an intention that they are willing to accomplish for just one night.

2. He’ll flirt with other girls

It is so sad that a pickup artist won’t mind the way you will react about him flirting with other girls.

Most of them flirt with other girls in order to catch your attention and get lured to giving him what he came for.

3. He just looks perfect all the time

If you’ve noted, all the guys that you’ve dated happens to be off some days.

But when it comes to a pickup artist, they will always look perfect.

This is the way of making you lack a reason for thinking otherwise.