Joining military is at times a rare opportunity cherished by many but limited to a few lucky people. After taking oath following rigorous training, one serves with patriotism and zeal notwithstanding the situation.

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But for Evans Raro, the last decade has been surrounded with us and downs, at times discouraging following his unceremonious exit from Kenya Air Force, HQ Wing, a scenario that he's yet to fully comprehend.

Evans Raro in military regalia. [Source/Evans Raro]

Lucky to join the military in 2001, Raro, a passionate 39-year-old, was elevated to Senior Private, a rank which was short-lived after chaotic 2007/08 Post Election Violence. His bosses could hear none of his explanations.

"They accused me of engaging in politics at that time. My mother was sick, there were chaos everywhere and I didn't report in time. I provided all prove but they couldn't listen. And just like that, I was dismissed," explained Mr Raro.

And with nowhere to go, Mr Raro managed to manoeuvre on his own, finding his way to Orange House. His military card still intact and a passport, indicating that his conduct is beyond reproach, ODM leader Raila Odinga recruited him as one of his VIP security guards.

Throughout his stay in ODM as a guard, Raro impressed his employers and at times, he would be chosen to take lead in major functions. In 2014, he recalls, his outstanding character earned him a place at Task Force that led inquiry on the infamous Men in Black.

In 2016 at the height of deadly demonstrations against IEBC, photos of Raro offering security to Mr Odinga in the streets of Nairobi were common. Infact, at one event, he grabbed Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o and whisked him out of brutal police officers.

"I had evacuated Raila after police started firing indiscriminately. After some time, I found Governor Nyong'o stranded. I literally took him off and evacuated him to his office within town. I have never met him since then," he recalls.

Evans Raro with Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong'o. [Source/Evans Raro]

His life took a U-turn when Raila visited Nyamira in 2016. Tasked to lead security team that decided where he would land, Raro met Governor John Nyagarama who persuaded him to leave Orange House for Nyamira.

"He convinced me to come back home. I explained to Raila and he accepted to release me. The county assured me that I would land a good job. However, I was repaid by a lower cadre job of enforcement which cannot enable me to take care of my family," he argues.

Both Governor John Nyagarama and Raila Odinga's aides were unavailable for comment when going to the press. But Mr Raro also provided evidence of his photos taking charge of Governor John Nyagarama's security.

And now, the former KDF man says Mr Odinga and Governor John Nyagarama should take advantage of the Handshake and help him get back to barracks. He insists that the current pay cannot enable him to take care of his extended family.

Evans Raro (l) with Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama. [Source/Evans Raro]

"I'm even wondering after losing my military position for the sake of his political affair, I continued offering my services.  I extended to Governor Nyong'o and I never lost hope. Currently serving Governor Nyagarama getting peanuts.... Kindly do what you can to whistle blow hata Kama ni kwa news or anywhere.. Thank you brother," he wrote a passionate message.

Various correspondents in our possession show that Mr Raro is a licensed firearm holder and has given protection to a number of MPs among them Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati and nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura.

Had he survived in the military, he argues, he would have risen through ranks to at least a Sergeant, the fourth highest rank among the Non Commissioned officers in the military. He now wants Mr Odinga to intervene and have him reinstated to the military.