A middle aged man committed suicide on Saturday protesting his wife's 'strictness'.

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The incident happened at Nyansancha village, Bosongo location in Kisii County. 

Residents said the deceased Samuel Kerongosi has been complaining about his wife's strictness. 

"Kerongosi has been raising complains about his wife who is very strict and never wanted him to associate with villagers on grounds that he may end up venturing into alcohol consumption," said Thomas Onsongo the deceased first cousin. 

Mr Onsongo said the deceased was nearly beaten by his wife on Friday evening after he returned home late. 

"We have tried to advise the couple especially the wife to stop harassing her husband  in vain. Kerongosi got angered on Friday when his wife insulted him and threatened to end his life," he stated. 

Area assistant chief identified as Nyanchoga said he tried to bring peace between the two in vain. 

"Kerongosi and his wife have been seeking guidance in my office but, the wife seemed not to be changing. She was too jealous at her husband because she never wanted him to even get out of their home to interact with friends," he said.

The administrator said the body of the deceased was moved to Christa Marriane hospital morgue.