After a busy day or on a Friday and you want to have some few drinks, it is important to have a bar of your preference where you can relax with friends and have some fun together.

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For those living in Kitui county, Kwa Vonza town, here are the top bars you may consider hanging out in;

5. Club Campus (Rating - 6)

Just next to Trump Lounge, we have one of the oldest bars in Kwa Vonza. It is loved by both locals and campus students because of its good keg. Also offers spirits but no wines. Not spacious enough for those who love dancing. 

4. Tom and Jerry (Rating - 6.5)

It's located opposite Trump Lounge. Still a young bar as it was only opened a year ago but it is a bar you may consider trying especially if you are a keg guy. Tom and Jerry offer quality beer as well as wines and spirits. It's spacious enough. It also has a pool table for the pool lovers. The bar is mostly loved by the locals, few campus students go here.

 3. Jupiter (Rating - 7)

 Located near the Kwa Vonza stage, Jupiter is easily accessible. It is widely known for its keg even though it also offers wines and spirits. It is spacious and has good music for those who'd like to dance. It's mostly loved by university students in the area. 

2. Mujitos (Ratings - 8)

Located next to Club Campus, Mujitos is the youngest club in the list. Just came up a few months ago but already attracting many, mainly the campus students in the area. It's commonly known for its keg dark extra. However, it also serves wines and spirits. It is preferred by many keg lovers as they offer ice so you can have your cold drink during a hot day in Kwa Vonza. Quite spacious and has good music for the youth. You'll love it here. They also offer food services. 

1. Trump Lounge (Rating - 9)

Everyone in Kwa Vonza knows where this bar is located. If lost just ask and you will be directed. Its awesome seats, awesome tables, awesome music, good DJ and spaciousness are some of the few things that make Trump Lounge the best in Kwa Vonza town. A variety of drinks are available from wines to spirits, beer and sodas. They even offer lemons if you like to have some. Nyama choma is also available. If you want to experience all this then go to Trump Lounge and enjoy their services. 

Please note that these ratings and rankings are from my personal experience. You are going to have your preference when you visit these places.