When girls get to that stage where they start getting their monthly menstruation, the experience usually differs from one girl to the other. 

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For some, period pain is not a big issue with them, as the pain does not affect them in a great magnitude. Nevertheless, for others, it is different. 

Some females go through a rough time dealing with their periods, as they happen to go through a lot of pain. 

For those who happen to suffer much when it comes to dealing with period pains, here are some home remedies that can help;

1. Using a hot water bottle

Placing a hot water bottle below your abdomen can help when it comes to relieving some pain. The heat, in most cases, improves the uterine muscle to relax where as a result, it reduces anxiety.

2. Gentle exercise

Noting that a good number of women are not fans of the practice, this may turn up to be worse when they are suffering from cramps. However, having a slight stretching, walking around, or doing yoga can help when it comes to reducing pains. Therefore, it is good to associate yourself with gentle exercises when dealing with pains.

3. Massage

Seeking a massage when having cramps is genuinely a good idea. Massage helps a lot when it comes to relieving the pain. It is vital to go for a massage, or you can also do yourself a slight abdominal massage.