On Tuesday morning, ferry users plunged into great fear after one of the passengers' phone's battery exploded.

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According to Kenya Ferry Services (KFS)'s tweet, a male passenger of MV Hrambee had a faulty phone whose battery exploded while on board.

Police and KFS staff who also board were forced to swing into action to calm down the situation.

"At 0900hrs on board Mv.Harambee,a male passenger's faulty phone battery burst into flames as he opened its cover,our staff & Police onboard responded. Police investigations are ongoing," read KFS's tweet.

Such like an incident can cause great fear among ferry users especially after car slid from the very same vessel and plunged into the Indian Ocean, killing Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda.

Also with many terror suspects being reported in the coast region, an explosion can indeed frighten everyone.

However, it is becoming common for battery to explode, and some of the causes of these explosions include:

Using wrong charger,  excessive heat due to overcharging, fractures inside the phone, especially  after it has dropped, and manufacturing defects.

There are ways of preventing your battery from exploiting, including:

1. Stop charging when the phone becomes too hot, this is a sign of overcharging. 

2. Don't keep on switching chargers, it is good that you use the original phone charger.

3. Don't bend your phone, this usually happen when you sleep with your phone, increasing chances of sleeping on it thus bending it.

4. Always allow your phone to cool down, avoid unplugging it from the charger and immediately put it in your pocket, give it time to cool.