Eating some fruits alongside taking the antimalarial drugs can help you fight malaria. Some fruits offer therapeutic properties to mankind and that's why it is paramount to have them when feeling under weather. 

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Doctor Sanjay Kumar, a dietitian highlights the list of fruits that can help you fight malaria;

1. Papaya 

This special fruit has spectacular health benefits for our bodies. Among the most important nutrients found in it include vitamin A and C which are required in the body for protection purpose. 

When suffering from malaria, you tend to lose a lot of water through sweating and spewing.

 Having some papaya can help you revamp the lost water in no time. Moreover, the nutrients may boost the immune system functions to ensure no pathogen gain entry into your body system. 

Papaya may also help in easing the symptoms that come with Malaria like vomiting, fever and so on.

2. Oranges

When it comes to preventing and curing certain ailments, oranges have always been important to man.

Malaria patients should always have oranges for quick relief. Just like pawpaws, the fruit may also help in replenishing the lost water. It is, therefore, important to have the fruit for betterment.

 3. Grapes 

Another important fruit you will want to eat when suffering from malaria is grape. Vitamin C and A in them can ease the symptom of this disease in a short time.