Renowned city lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has hinted on the possible reason crime is flourishing in Nairobi and other cities in the country. 

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In a tweet on Saturday, Ahmednassir said: "Crimes SKYROCKETING in Nairobi and most of Kenyan cities because of POVERTY and HARD ECONOMIC times."

Many kinds of crimes are witnessed around Kenyan cities. In some cases, these incidences result in death. Criminals are killed either by police or an angry mob. Sometimes, innocent Kenyans are killed during criminal's activities. 

The rate of unemployment is worrying in most cities across the nation. With the hard life in these cities, the youth look for alternative means of surviving. Most of them resort to engaging in criminal activities for survival. 

Eventually, this becomes a lifestyle to most of them, who do it for fun. 

Some common examples of crimes across Kenyan cities include fraud, armed robbery, rape, house break-ins and even misuse of public resources. 

In a recent post by Nairobi governor Mike Sonko, several young men robbed an M-Pesa shot. 

Sonko has now put up their life in a weighing balance. 

"WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!" he posted on Facebook.