In the middle of Al-Shabaab series of attacks in security bases at Somalia, Kenya Army Commander Lieutenant General Walter Raria on Monday visited the war torn country to encourage KDF troops.

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Last week, a deadly attack waged against AMISOM soldiers, saw Major General Fatuma Ali, a soldier with much respect within AU forces, dying alongside her husband near presidential palace.

And the death of Major General Fatuma Ali Rageh alias Fay Ali was one of the worst losses for AMISOM in recent days. "She was described as a self-less, brave soldier who sacrificed a lot for peace. Her husband, also a soldier died in the same attack when VBIED explosion destroyed their vehicle," VOA journalist Harun Maruf said

"She sacrificed as a mother of 9. Her 3rd husband, also a soldier was in the same vehicle, he died today. Her previous 2 husbands were also killed by Shabaab according to a person who knows the family," said Maruf, adding that she was respected among soldiers.

During the trip which targeted Forward Operating Bases of Elwak, Gherile and Burahache, Lt General Raria congratulated KDF troops for efforts to neutralise Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia.

"Lt Gen Koipaton congratulated the troops for their outstanding and dedicated efforts in support of the Federal Republic of Somalia in neutralizing the threat posed by Al Shabaab terrorists; as well as defending and protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kenya. 

"The Commander assured the troops on continuity on provision of training and logistics as they continue to execute KDF's primary role. The visit also served as a morale booster to the troops it being an indicator the KDF command appreciates their selfless efforts as they execute its mandate," read a statementstory by KDF on Facebook.

General Raria's tour also came at the time KDF is involved in delicate operation with an aim of rescuing two Cuban doctors who were abducted from Mandera. They are believed to be held at El-Adde, near Gedo region of Somalia.

Regiment Strike Force and Special Forces are all involved in the operation. There were reports that Al-Shabaab militants had asked for Sh150 million ransom, a figure that was disputed by government of Kenya.