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Four things you should tell your child daily

Nyamu Wa Mwombe
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How you communicate with your child daily greatly affects his/her development. 

Some phrases will make your little angel give up while others will be the reason they keep pushing for success. 

Here are four things you should tell your child daily:

1. I love you

Love is the foundation of all relationships. 

Your child should hear this phrase as often as possible if not daily. 

You should not assume that what you do for your child speaks loudly about how you love him/her. 

Your child needs to hear this from you.

2. Thank you and please

If you want your children to use these two important phrases in life, let them hear them from you. 

They will apply them even if you do not force them to do so, because most children are what their parents do. 

Thank them if they help you do something, and use please when requesting for favours.

3. Good try

Whenever your child accomplishes something, take time to compliment them. 

This should also be the case if they try but fail. 

Let them know that you recognise the effort they have put in, but let them know your expectations.

4. How was your day? How are you?

Questions are the most effective ways you should use to communicate as a parent. 

They will open an avenue for conversations that you could not have engaged in if you chose to apply authoritative commands. 

Additionally, questions will develop your child’s critical thinking.#MyLifestyle

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