Activist Boniface Mwangi on Monday rescued two youths who had been arrested for wearing clothes which resembled the military uniforms. 

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Mwangi who accused the police of harassing youths for being fashionable had gone to the Central Police Station where a Pawa 254 employee together with his friends were being held.

"Kenya police are still harassing young people for being fashionable. They had arrested a@Pawa254 employee @itsngugimungai for wearing a black jacket, claiming it resembles military uniform. I went to Central Police Station and found he had been arrested alongside another young man, Patrick," he wrote on Instagram.

The activist helped to secure the release of the young men and went ahead to condemn the arrest of youths for wearing clothes which are sold legally in the country.

"Everyday across this country, young people are harassed for wearing clothes that are imported and sold legally. This extortion racket needs to stop," Mwangi noted in part of his post.

This was not the first time that the vocal activist has defended citizens arrested on similar grounds. In March, Mwangi together with his wife defended a man who had been arrested at The Hub mall for wearing clothes resembling military uniforms. 

The two stood their ground until the police let go of the man who was in the company of his two children.