Police in Kisumu have launched a manhunt for a couple accused of murdering their neighbour on Tuesday night.

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The two reportedly killed their next door neighbour after a fight ensured when he sought to know why they were soiling his door in Manyatta estate.

According to neighbours, the couple ganged up against the deceased and joined hands in assaulting him after he asked why they poured dirty water on his door.

Witnesses said that the couple overpowered the lone man and battered him, before hitting him with a log in the head, which they said killed him instantly.

A neighbour who witnessed the scuffle said that he fell down after the blow and went completely silent, after which is was discovered that he was lifeless.

“They beat him up with a piece of wood, throwing him to the ground. He fell down and went quiet,” the witness was quoted by the Standard.

They said that the police arrived hours later at 10pm and collected the body.

The suspects remain at large.