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Have you been to a Kalenjin home? Here are things you can't miss

Kiprono Nick
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The Kalenjins calabash gourd (sotet) used for storing 'mursik'. [Source/Facebook/Kalenjins on Facebook]

Majority of Kenyan tribes have been seen abandoning their cultural identity and embracing the Western culture. 

This has led to the deterioration of traditional cultural values and norms which identifies and guides various communities. 

However, the Kalenjin has been a conservative community. Despite the modernization, the Kalenjins have preserved their cultural identity and still keep their traditional tools up to date.

Whenever you get an opportunity to go to a Kalenjin home, you will realize that they still possess traditional tools. 

You will be likely to find the following things;


Gourds are very treasured in the Kalenjin community as it serves an important purpose. They are used to store milk to ferment into popularly known 'Mursik'. 

Cycad tree brush

Known as 'sosiot' in the Kalenjin community. It is inseparable from where there are gourds. It is used to clean gourd's inside. The brush is obtained from the cycad tree because it is strong and can last for many years.


Pots serve many purposes in Kalenjin home. They are used in cooking and storage of food. Kalenjins also use to store drinking water because of its porous nature which makes the water very cold.

Molded Chamber (chepkube)

In the fireplace, there is a moulded chamber which keeps food warmer for a longer period. This moulded chamber was passed from the forefathers and up to date, the Kalenjin value as it is of importance.

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