Drama ensued after a man stripped his drunk wife and gave her a dog's beating in Nyamira Sub-county on Friday.

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Julius Onsongo accused Veronica Bwari of abandoning her house duties to consume illicit liquor (chang'aa) in their neighborhood at Getare village in Borabu.

"I left to the farm while she was at home cleaning the house. I returned at 2 pm and found the house locked. I searched her until I found her drunk at our neighbor's home," Onsongo said.

Angered Onsongo confessed that he stripped his wife after frog matching her to their house where he beat her thoroughly.

"I won't be working hard while she is busy consuming chang'aa. I stripped her naked, poured water on her and canned her thoroughly," he stated. 

Neighbors who rushed to the homestead upon hearing Bwari screaming said Onsongo locked her in the house where he was beating her. 

"We rescued Bwari and rushed her to a local clinic for treatment following the injuries she sustained during the beating," said resident Joseph Machuka.

Area assistant chief Fred Nunda said it is shameful for Bwari to consume chang'aa while her husband doesn't. 

"Women should stop bringing shame in marriages. Bwari should change her ways," Nunda said.