Residents of Maluini, Kikumini, Ngomano, Kamuatha and a section of Ikalaasa locations in Mwala Sub-county  have urged Machakos county government to reconstruct Eendau earth dam so as to rescue them from acute water shortage.

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The dam was swept away sometime in 2018 following heavy rains.

Led by their spokesman Joseph Mainga, the locals lamented that they have been having clean water problems since the dam was damaged.

Mainga said all the mentioned areas have been hit with acute water shortage.

He spoke to this writer in Mwala town on Monday.

Mainga said the residents are forced to trek more than 20 kilometres in search of the basic commodity.

"The dam was built by Tanathi after a proposal was written by a CBO from the area. It was, however, swept away by heavy rains sometime last year. Our people are suffering," Mainga said.

He said finding water for domestic usage in the mentioned areas has proven to be a challenge.

"Our livestock can't find water to drink. It's hectic having to walk such a long distance to Rivers Thwake and Mivukoni so as to acquire water," he said.

Mainga said if the dam is reconstructed early, water from the April rains can be preserved there and take residents a long way.

"The county government should save us from this nightmare. If the dam is intact by April, we could have hope that we won't be forced to walk long distances to get water," Mainga said.