John Ogade, the chairman of the Luo Community in Kibra, has taken issue with the cremation of Kibra Constituency Member of Parliament Ken Okoth.

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Speaking in an exclusive interview on NTV on Monday, Mr Ogade claimed that the legislator's body had been set alight under the cover of darkness as if he was a thief.

"Kwa nini wanachoma yeye saa tisa usiku kana kama ni mwisi ameiba mali ya Kenya inachomwa. (Why did they burn him at 3 at night as if he was a thief who stole public resources), " a visibly angry John Ogade fumed.

His strong words come amid a storm of controversy touched off by the Kibra legislator's cremation that his mother and other paternal relatives had vehemently opposed.

Media reports indicated that the member of parliament's body was removed from the Lee Funeral Home under the cover of darkness and taken to Kariakor for cremation.

Monica Okoth, who is the widow, had allegedly feared that Kibra Constituency residents would try to prevent the cremation of his body.

Ken Okoth reportedly asked to be cremated after death.

The MP lost his battle with cancer after a run with treatment that weakened him.

He was pronounced dead at the Nairobi Hospital where he had been taken after his condition worsened.