Kamba ladies are no doubt among the most beautiful women in the country. These women know how to keep their love alive in a relationship. There are things which slow down their moods if done to them. These things can easily make them divorce you. 

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Here are three of them:


There is nothing bad and hurting like having a cheating husband in your life. It’s a sort of shame to you and your marriage. Most Kamba women never like associating with these types of men. They see them as men who have no future in life, they are just wasting their time. Never do a mistake of cheating on them because you will be divorced and left alone. 

Different life goals

Marriage is all about two people living under one roof as a couple and family. It’s also about sharing different ideas and experiences together as one. As man and woman, you live yearning to achieve a certain goal in life. Having different goals in life will break your family since there will be no communication in your marriage. Always be keen when marrying a Kamba woman because they are strict and serious in achieving marriage goals.

Non-stop arguments

Arguments are great enemies of any relationship. It’s something that will make your woman hate or deny you her true love. Most women take things seriously even if they are small to you. Be a responsible man and avoid unnecessary arguments in your marriage to make your marriage last longer.