Socialite Bridget Achieng is calling upon well-wishers and friends to come in and help her raise funds to give her mother a better send-off.

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Achieng who hails from Nairobi's Kibera slum shared the sad story on a live session with her fans on Instagram.

The famous socialite revealed that doctors could not save her mother from the jaws of death because they could not tell what the poor mother was suffering from.

She broke into tears on a live Instagram platform when she revealed that all the medical tests and examinations done on her mother turned out negative.

Achieng's mother passed on March 8 2019. Burial arrangements are going on and the deceased will be buried in her village in Siaya County. 

Achieng is asking Kenyans to get into their pockets and support her so that her mother receives a fine final ending.

.The socialite also regrets why her mother could not even see her son. 

"It is with deep sorrow and extensive heart ache that i must accept the will of God. Dear Mama, Rest in Power. Truly heavy news to me and my family. Love you Mama Queen of my Heart It is well... mum is like you where waiting to just see Sekani?" she posted