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Sonko warns school leavers

Movich Ahimo
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Nairobi governor Mike Sonko. [Source/Mike Sonko Facebook]

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko on Tuesday morning turned into a motivational speaker, encouraging class eight and form four leavers of the need to keep fighting in life.

In a long emotional statement, the governor warned the school leavers of the hurdles that await them in society as they pursue their dreams.

He warned against bad company and encouraged the children to always stick to their families for motivation and support.

"Watu wangu Skizeni niwambie and especially watoto wa class 8 and Form four.....The road to success is not straight. There is a curb called Failure, a loop called Confusion; speed bumps called Friends; red lights called Enemies;caution lights called Family.You will have flats called jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination; an engine called Perseverance; insurance called Faith, and a driver called Jesus, you will make it to a place called Success!!Mimi to be a governor nimehustle sana nikajua What’s limited you in the past doesn’t have to limit you in the future. Put an end to the barriers in your life so that they don't eventually put an end to you. Don't let limited thinking keep you from your destiny!God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but He does expect us to keep trying and keep growing.Na kwa watoto wenye wanaona hawajafanya poa sana remember Sonko amesema you have to stay pliable and be willing to change. When you make mistakes, don’t stay down on yourself, get up and try again," he wrote. 

Children from slum areas like Kibera are likely to succumb to temptations of crime and drug abuse especially when they lack support from the family unit.


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