Inflammation occurs when the body or its part comes into contact with a foreign substance and perceives it as dangerous or that which harms the body thus it acts as a body's defence mechanism.

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To reduce the inflammation, use these tips;

1. Have enough rest 

Your body deserves enough rest and sleep especially after a long day at work. Less rest makes the immune system unable to act in a high gear risking your body to inflammation.

Having a sleep of seven or eight hours as recommended by doctors will positively help you out in reducing any inflammation since your body will be repairing and restoring your body cells worn out while you were working.

Enough rest amounts to increased cell production hence increased activity against inflammation.

2. Take anti-inflammatory foods

A diet with anti inflammatory components reduces inflammation within a very short time. This is because they contain natural compounds that activate autophagy thus protecting the body against the reaction caused by the foreign substances.

A diet full of fruits, vegetables, cold water fish, soyabeans, less sugary foods and some legumes will be fit to reduce inflammation.

3. Keep stress at bay

Increased stress works hand in hand with inflammation. The moment you are stressed, the body produces cortisol hormone which increases its risk towards inflammation. Stress reduction, yoga and meditation works quite well in reducing inflammation.