Luo Nyanza is likely to begin hosting many politicians eyeing a portion of the millions of votes it is offering ahead of the 2022 presidential race.

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Most likely visitors include Deputy President William Ruto, whose bid is already in the public domain.

However, area kingpin and opposition leader Raila Odinga, who enjoys the largest support in the region will also be seeking to retain his position.

Should he not vie for the presidency in 2022, then he will be seeking to use the numbers to negotiate with the person whom he will back.

Consequently, the former Prime Minister will be out to lock-up the region ahead of time, a campaign he should begin through early grassroots restructuring.

Using area leaders, most of whom belong to his Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party, he should embark on a campaign to restrengthen the party and lock out others.

This could entail rallies and grassroots meetings to restamp authority.

Also, Odinga must quit his current discreet politicking and announce his presidential bid if he is eyeing the position.

This will arouse the anxiety among his supporters who have for long wanted to see him occupy the top seat, and prepare them psychologically to once again rally behind him.

This will make them automatically reject outsiders seeking to pitch camp in the area, knowing that one of them is also in the race.

Lastly, he should politically eliminate all hostile forces and rebels who might be used by his rivals to make inroads into the vote-rich region.

Raila must initiate proper mechanisms to deal with the likes of Migori Governor Okoth Obado who appears to be very close to Ruto.

By incapacitating such figures ahead of time, he will have rendered them politically weak and useless.

He will, therefore, remain the region's ultimate political decision maker.