Kenya is arguably the leading economic hub in East and Central Africa and it has been projected that in the coming years,  the country can become the best in Africa. 

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Renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi, through his weekly YouTube channel, mentioned Kenya is at a critical point and President Uhuru needs to be ruthless to take Kenya even much higher. 

"Kenya is at the inflexion point,  at this point you can either go up or go down... Our choice is to become the leading economy in Africa or perish," said the analyst. 

According to the analyst,  politics play a big role if Kenya has to move forward. 

Kenya needs to avoid stupid politics where we give wealth without work, commerce without morality and government without measure for the economy to grow according to the analyst. 

The analyst says that President Uhuru has the vision to change this 'stupid politics' but where he goes wrong is how he wants Kenyans themselves to rise to the occasion.

"We can decide to change this (stupid politics) and this is what President Uhuru Kenyatta is inviting us to do. The choice to change Kenya according to him is in our hands and the tragedy is that Uhuru Kenyatta on this account is completely wrong. Kenyans can not change Kenya," said the analyst. 

He went on to support his statement by comparing different countries whose economies at some point were poor but changed later.

"The military strong men of South Korea and Singapore did not ask their people to liberate themselves from the poverty that bound them. They just did it. Joseph Stanly did not seek the permission of the Russians to industrialize their country, he just did it," argued Professor Mutahi. 

He, therefore, added President Uhuru should not ask Kenyans whether they want to go up or go down,  he should just do it. 

"Change is not a product of dialogue,  it's a product of force and Uhuru should not shy away from using force to change this country, " the analyst said. 

That's the only way Kenya can emulate Singapore, Malaysia and China in Mutahi Ngunyi's view.