Islamic militants of Al-Shabaab should not target people of Muslim faith in their attacks, Deputy Commander of the terrorists group has warned.

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On Monday, the deputy leader of al-Shabab, Mahad Karate, cautioned his militants to avoid shedding Muslim blood. The speech contradicts the group's usual tactics of targeting civilian areas in Mogadishu, including hotels and restaurants.

His calls comes amid escalating attacks in Somalia capital Mogadishu. Suicide bombers with links to the group have been opening explosions targeting security forces and members of the public.

Despite the caution, four people were killed on Tuesday near the capital where AMISOM soldiers were supplying food to locals. The Al-Shabaab militants have been losing ground to SNA backed by troops from KDF and other allied forces.

"Yesterday Al-Shabab Deputy Leader Mahad Karate cautioned his militants to avoid shedding Muslim blood. Today Al-Shabab detonated a powerful VBIED at a civilian populated site killing at least 4 and wounding 30 others," VOA Journalist Harun Maruf said.

Early this week, Mr Karate was seen in a video that was released by the group where he took responsibility for DusitD2 Hotel attack earlier this year in Nairobi. 

During the raid, over 21 people were shot dead in a siege that lasted for about 4 hours. Security forces in Nairobi reported that four militants were gunned down during the operation.

"Al-Shabaab released audio from Deputy Leader Mahad Karate commenting on Dusit D2 attack in Nairobi, and the killing of Sufi preacher in Galkayo in Nov last year. For the last 2 yrs, AS has been releasing video and audio of Karate, perhaps an indication his influence is growing," Maruf added.