Since  President Uhuru Kenyatta entered into a political  deal with Raila on March 9, 2018, one man has been synonymous with the Building Bridges Initiative, which is seen by many as a cornerstone of the famous handshake.

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Elderly Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji is the man who was tasked to chair the task force that is meant to cure the country's polarised politics.

As a former powerful provincial administrator during President Daniel Arap Moi's tenure, Haji has a deeper understanding of the county's political landscape and this makes him the man to drive the handshake agenda.

Within the Jubilee government, he is said to be one of the few men that the President that the President reaches out for advice on administrative matters. 

And because of his age, the former long-serving Ijara Member of Parliament, commands respect across the political divide.

The Yusuf Haji-led team has over the past few months reached out to various stakeholders to give their input on matters touching on the the deal between Uhuru and the fomer Prime Minister.

If Uhuru and Raila deal achieves its desired objectives, then Haji is the man who should get all the credit owing to his position as BBI chairman.#hivisasaoriginal