Every woman expecting to deliver her little angel desires a hospital that will ensure the safety of herself and the baby. 

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Choosing the best maternity hospital can be a tough choice especially for not only first-time mothers but to many mothers soon to be. 

It can be costly and result to an emergency situation once a mother is admitted to a certain hospital for delivery then she is referred to somewhere else.

Here are vital factors to consider before settling for a maternity hospital;

1. Enough and qualified medical staff

Choose a hospital with gynaecologists who will help you during your delivery, nurses, pharmacists as well as paediatricians who will take care of your little baby. Always be careful with hospitals that allow interns or medical support staff to attend to you especially during emergency surgery.

2. Pre and postnatal care

Go for a hospital that has neonatal operation units where you will have your baby attended to in case he/she develops complications during delivery. This will save you the headache of referrals, cost and time.

3. Breastfeeding support

The way a mother breastfeeds her baby determines how healthy the baby's health and the immune system remains strong. Go for a maternity hospital that offers lactation centre and has lactation consultants in addition to the availability of breastfeeding classes to prepare the mother on how to feed her baby.

4. Your budget 

Go for a hospital that you are able to cater for your hospital bills or choose a medical institution that accepts insurance covers such as Linda mama or NHIF.