It is a dream of most women to seal their marriages with a wedding. During the planning session, every detail is very important as it gives the wedding its picture during the material day. 

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No none wishes to attend a wedding with unnecessary flaws and this makes the event more stressing especially to the bride. 

Some of the minor things that make brides stressed about are;

1. Trying to please everyone 

Most brides value hospitality to their guests. Although this is important, it is worth remembering that you cannot please everyone, especially on your wedding day. To have a memorable day, let go off the small things that stress you and focus on your big day.

2. Weather and sitting arrangements

Most brides tend to worry about the weather during their material day. They stress themselves out with things they do not have control off. They too worry about how their quests will secure seats and be comfortable. They are more into what others will say or think of them.

3. Matching colours

People who have attended your wedding will not think any less since you have some colours not matching in your day's theme. It rather makes the room appear richer and better with different variations.

As a bride do not break your legs looking for matching colours with thoughts in mind that people will think negatively of you.