Nairobi has all kinds of women, and with time, it has become easier to tell Nairobi ladies by the places they live just by observing her behavioural pattern and manners.

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Here are some characteristics of Nairobi ladies depending on where they live. They may be biased, but they are just as insightful anyway:

Kilimani women

This kind of ladies probably schooled in the group of schools like Le Pic School, Riara, St Christopher's, Consolata, Msongari, Loreto Valley road or Makini schools where the school fees cost an arm and a leg, and thereafter went to a private university.

They have disposable income. Most of them are media personalities, middle-level corporate managers, work in NGOs, run businesses as consultants or socialites.

They're polished, converse in perfect English and effortlessly classy.

They don't hang out in the CBD, so you will never find them partying along Moi Avenue or Tom Mboya.

They prefer brunch and happy hour, not clubbing.

They're very fashionable and have legit designer clothes, shoes and bags.

Eastlands women

The majority of these ladies went to Buruburu girls, Ngara girls and thereafter Graffins college.

They're notorious for their 'swanglish' phrases like 'kujaad' 'lengad' 'kunywad'.

They shop for fake Gucci, fake Louis Vuitton bags and shoes from World business centre and high-end mitumba from Mutindwa flea market.

They party almost every weekend, and never waste money on pricey alcohol. 

They imbibe hard liquor commonly referred to as 'makali'. They're also always the first ones to know and 'hype' any new drink in the market.

They also have chemistry with 'makangas' plying their routes. They even go to the extent of calling them to save them a seat.

A typical Eastlands woman has a sugar daddy somewhere who pays rent and foots her bills, as well as a young boyfriend within the neighbourhood who she parties with and texts up to 2 am.

South B and South C women

Majority of these ladies went to St Georges girls, Moi girls Nairobi or Statehouse girls, and thereafter Strathmore, CUEA or Daystar University.

Most of them are middle-class women with careers in the banking sector, government, parastatal or own successful businesses.

Their English is on point, and they can also speak good Swahili.

They mostly hang out in Nairobi west, Mombasa road or Baricho road.

However, South C women are a little bit more expensive version compared to those from South B. 

The latter usually down more alcohol and would eat fries from any joint, but South C women only eat fries from specific joints, preferably KFC or Big square.

These ladies date financially stable guys, especially the many pilots who live along Mombasa road.

They mostly dress in decent, well-pressed mitumba outfits.

Githurai women

Most of them probably went to Mukurweini girls, Kaaga girls or any school along Thika road or in Central Kenya.

They are notoriously known for their cheap shoes, long-lasting, cheap weaves and uneven eyebrows.

Most of them are bartenders, waitresses or work in M-pesa and phone accessories shops at the CBD.

They prefer communicating in either sheng or Kikuyu.

The alcohol brand doesn't matter to them. They drink anything and everything as long as it's available; don't be shocked if you see them mixing fanta and hunters.