A 23-year-old orphan is now appealing to well wishers to help him complete his university education after differing his studies more than two times due to lack of tuition fee.

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Mr Arasa Makori, a second year student at Kisii University, could even miss his end semester exams due to a pending fee arrears of Sh22, 500, which ought to be paid for him to sit for the papers.

"I managed to sit for my second but had to skip the third and the fourth consecutively. I am supposed to be in year four, but I am in year two simply because I am not able to raise fees on time. 

"I solely depend on the HELB loan which comes once a year and only clears my fee for just a single semester. I am an orphan and cannot be able to raise the fees on my own alongside other personal expenses. Our examinations are kicking off on 26th March and I have a fee balance of Ksh. 22,500," wrote Mr Makori in an emotional message to the writer.

Mr Makori hails from Gachuba ward, Kitutu Masaba Constituency and says funding his education has been difficult due to his situation. He's an education student.

The NG-CDF in his constituency is yet to disburse funds and in any case, he says, the money may not be enough since orphans usually get only Sh9,000. The county government bursaries only target secondary School students.

"The imperative requirement to sit for the exam, a requirement that has been hindering me from sitting for the other exams, is that you must first clear the fees in order to be issued with an exam card.I humbly request you to assist me, in any way possible, to have me sit for this exam," he said.

According to him, he has been doing manual jobs to put food to the table and by the fact that he still pays for rent, life has been difficult causing him ulcers. He now asks well wishers to help him complete his education.

Kisii University was chattered in 2013 and since then, it has been accredited to offer lucrative law and medicine degrees, making it the second institution in Western Kenya after Moi University.