A section of elders from Nyamira now says Mr Peter Tabichi, the teacher who won Sh100 million prize in Dubai on Sunday, will be formally crowned as a senior elder following the latest development.

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Early this month, Tabichi was crowned as just an elder following his nomination to the competition but he will raise one more step further once he returns home.

"The significance of such events is that they challenge people to work hard. Being an elder or senior elder is a privilege in our community. You'll be frequently be consulted on certain social-economic and geopolitical matters," said Johnston Ondieki, an elder from Kemera.

He added: "Once he returns home, we shall crown him officially the senior elder. He's now our advisor on serious issues. He will frequently advise the council of elders."

Kemera MCA George Morara on Wednesday said plans are in place to hold a huge homecoming party for Mr Tabichi, who teaches Maths and Physics at Keriko Secondary School in Nakuru.

He said: "Once he's through with Nakuru celebrations, we shall host him at home. He is a role model and will be received by all leaders. He has made us proud."

Among the Abagusii community, the senior elders plays important role in making important decisions both in politics and development. Mr Tabichi will be the youngest at 36 to be honored to such a position.

According to him, he will use part of Sh100 million to built a computer laboratory for his school. He will also continue educating needy students from the surrounding community.