Most ladies are always afraid of losing that Mr right when they finally meet him, but if you keep him interested from the beginning then, it’s difficult for him to leave.

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Here are some tips to keep him interested and never let him go:

1. Find out what he likes

Finding out what your man likes is the best way to connect with him. If you create interest in the things he likes, he will feel connected to you than ever before because he can easily share them with you.

2. Give him space

Try giving him his space especially when he needs it. Don’t try to interfere when he is having his own time or creating insecurities.

3. Find out how the two of you can connect

The two of you should be compatible. If you find yourself struggling to communicate, to find things to do or things to talk about then, that will be a difficult relationship for you. 

When you discover the ways that the two of you can connect, everything is going to be easy for you.

4. Match his level of commitment

One of the mistakes that ladies make is committing themselves entirely just because they think they found Mr right then he ends up not committing himself. 

To avoid been disappointed, make sure that your commitment matches his.

5. Let him know you appreciate him

There is nothing special like being appreciated by someone you love; if you love your man and don’t want to let him go, don’t hesitate to let him know.

6. Don’t try to be someone you’re not

If you try to fake your character in order to impress your new catch then your real character will eventually come out and he will run if he does not like it. 

Just be real from the beginning and things will work out for you.