Some places in Kisumu county have very funny names, but not to locals who have grown used to the humorous titles.

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Here are some of them.

1. Pand pieri

Pand Pieri is arguably the place with the funniest name in the entire nation.

It is located in Kisumu East area in West Kolwa location and comes complete with schools and a health facility.

The name translates to 'hide your buttocks' in the local Luo language.

2. Lwang'ni beach

It is one of the most popular beaches in the lakeside town where people converge to feast on freshly fished fish.

Consequently, it has a large number of hotels for the purpose, but the name can be quite discouraging to those who understand Luo.

Lwang'ni is the Luo name for houseflies

3. Kolweny

It is a sleepy trading centre in Nyakatch constituency within Kisumu county, a few kilometres West of Katito.

The name translates to 'a war place', but ironically, there are not enough people to engage in any war in this rocky region.

4. Kamagaga

This is a region in Kano Plains, within Muhoroni constituency and my homeland.

Places in his region are named based on the subdivisions of the larger Kano clan, this being a place mainly made up of members of the Kano Kamagaga sub-clan.

The name originates from 'Kamagwaagwaa' which means a rough place, but ironically, the place is muddy and flood prone.

It houses the basin-like rice plantations of Ahero Irrigation Scheme.