A former University of Nairobi student Catherine Njeri shocked many when she revealed her life while at the campus. 

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The 33-year-old who was a guest at Hot 96 #JeffAndHamo Show on Monday revealed the dangerous road she took after getting raped. 

She got raped by her colleague during her last semester in the second year.  This event robbed her the gift she had for many years saved for her marriage. 

Losing her virginity to rape broke her heart and left her with nothing to live for. 

She lost hope in life and turned to prostitution. According to Catherine, she could sleep with even two men per day. Some used protection while others didn’t. 

In a week, she could only spend two or three days in her hostel room while the rest of the days she was out hawking sex for money. 

“In a week I only spent 2-3 nights in my campus room. I was ‘a don’t care’, I never gave a damn… I never gave a damn as I was like what’s there in life that I have never seen?” she said. 

Shockingly, she also admitted involving herself in making porn videos. Unfortunately, her videos leaked in her class making her a laughing stock. 

She was depressed that she ran into traffic hoping to be hit by a vehicle and die. 

According to Catherine, this was just one of the five times she wanted to commit suicide in her life. 

Catherine believes she took this road because she didn’t seek help and guidance after getting raped. 

Luckily for her, she wasn’t infected with HIV/AIDs. She is working as a Mental Health Ambassador who is out to help people in the same situation as she was.