We all believe that we are super beautiful in our ways. But what do people around you say based on your beauty? Do they find you attractive or not? 

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These are some of the questions that most women happen to try answering themselves. However, to ease your worries, here are some of the ways that you can tell other people finds you attractive.

1. You turn heads

One of the common ways of telling whether other people think you are pretty is when you manage to turn heads. Whenever you are walking around, do other people passing by turn their heads for you to confirm what they saw? If so, then know that you are beautiful.

2. You receive many compliments

How often do you receive compliments regarding your beauty and sense of dressing? If it happens to be a common thing with you, then know that people around you, find you to be attractive.

3. You’re always dating someone

When it comes to confirming whether you are gorgeous or not, the rate at which men pursue you tells a lot. If you are always pursued by men and you rarely find yourself single for long, then know that your attractive looks are what makes them be around you.