Deputy President William Ruto currently finds himself in a predicament as far as Central Kenya support for his 2022 presidential bid is concerned.

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The DP seems to be slowly losing the support of Mt Kenya leaders who had promised to rally behind him in the upcoming polls. For instance, the once very noisy 'Team Tangatanga' that drummed up support for Ruto's 2022 bid day and night across Central Kenya seems to have died a natural death.

This was evident when Ruto attended the 2019 Lenten Campaign Launch at the Catholic Archdiocese of Nyeri Cathedral on Saturday. Only four MPs from Central Kenya were present and they were all from Nyeri.

Is this a sign of bigger things to come? Well, it depends on how you view it but Ruto should be very careful before all Central Kenya leaders withdraw their support. 

For example, here are three mistakes that Ruto has committed recently that may cost him Mt Kenya support in 2022.

1. To be seen to defend corruption. If in a village you know you carry the tag of 'the village thief' and something gets stolen even without your knowledge, coming out very quickly to distance yourself from the said theft before the villagers start pointing fingers at you doesn't help things. In fact, it increases suspicions that you could actually be the thief.

This is what Ruto is doing in regards to the dams scandal, which is making him look like he is defending corruption. That perception can be very detrimental to his 2022 presidential bid as not only Central Kenya voters will alienate him, but the whole of Kenya.

2. Playing desperate. What is the essence of attending an event that you know will be given a wide berth like the Nyeri case? Ruto is lowering his stature, value and importance making him look desperate as he tries to win the region's vote.

3. Helping enhance the perception that there is a rift between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta. Ruto's shaky stand on a variety of issues like the handshake and the war against corruption is painting him in bad light. To win Mt Kenya support, he must not be seen to contradict the President.