Have you ever felt like complimenting a lady that you like or care about?

Well, that is normal. Even though, when it comes to complimenting, one should really be careful.

This is because out of the good intention of complimenting, you can really destroy the moment.

Here are some of the tips to consider when complimenting a lady. 

1. Be genuine

It is good if your compliment is genuinely from your heart.

Most of the girl won’t tell you but they know when your compliment isn’t genuine.

For that case, always make sure that you compliment something that you are genuine about.

2. Compliment her at the appropriate time

Always find the right time and place to compliment a girl.

Don’t distract her while she is doing something important by complimenting her.

Always try to compliment her when she is not doing anything and when you have all her concentration.

3. Find things to compliment about 

Girls are people who associate themselves with a lot of things.

In that case, one should always find something that they like most to compliment about.

That way, the girl would at least feel that something she is interested in is at least be appreciated.

4. Learn to accept rejections

Don’t be so sure that all the girls that you will compliment will accept your compliment.

There are those who will respond to your compliment negatively and it is important to accept it.

5. Compliment her generously, but not too much

When complimenting her, don’t do it excessively.

That is, just compliment her lightly to just let her know, as by making it too much, the girl might end up taking your compliments for granted.