Deputy President William Ruto could be the next candidate for impeachment over his alleged opposition to the Handshake.

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According to the Sunday Nation, MPs allied to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga will be meeting in Laikipia next week to discuss the idea.

This comes days after the group alleged that the DP was also plotting an impeachment against Uhuru, following the recent meeting at Naivasha.

Joshua Kuttuny, the Cherangany MP, broke the silence, saying in a familiar retort that “dawa ya moto ni moto”, in reference to Ruto’s alleged covert agitation.

“We know who has been fighting the President through proxies; we know who has been undermining the President; we know the enemy, and we shall be meeting with that at the back of our minds.”

Abdikarim Osman, the MP for Fafi, said his colleagues in Parliament are increasingly getting the feeling that they should impeach Ruto before he or his allies attempt a similar move on the President.

“We are firmly behind the President and Mr Odinga,” said Mr Osman.“You can’t fight both of them and expect to win. We will remove DP Ruto from office before he removes the President.”

However, Belgut MP Nelson Koech, defending Ruto, said the plot appears far-fetched, misinformed, “impossible and a pipe dream”.

“I dare them because I can assure you it will not be easy. This is a pipe dream that is good for politics but not reality. Let them bring it on,” Mr Koech, a strong ally of the DP, said.