Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi has said a referendum should have an element of making Nairobi great once again.

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Speaking on Tuesday morning during the Citizen TV's Daybreak show, the speaker said the referendum should ensure Nairobi .gets back to is former glory

"If we go to a referendum, we have to ensure Nairobi comes back as a capital city, is run the way other capitals are run and let the national government give services to Nairobians," she said.

The county speaker also revealed that Nairobi has been providing the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for Kenya, making it more than necessary for the government to invest much in the capital than in any other place in the country. 

"Nairobi is where Kenya collects its highest GDP, therefore, it has to work better for it to get higher GDP so as to be able to share with other counties," she added.

She also defended Governor Mike Sonko amid his grilling by the Senate, saying the governor has worked for more than one year without a deputy governor, an indication he is not working alone but with his team.

This comes when the debate on a referendum is gaining momentum in the country. Opposition politicians have been on the forefront in pushing for the referendum before 2022 polls.

Some quarters though, have opposed a referendum noting that it will only create positions in the government for just a few individuals.