Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has rubbished claims by Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) that she is overseeing a corrupt government.

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Ngilu said she is not corrupt and termed the MCAs allegations as malicious.

Addressing residents in Kitui town on Thursday after launching the tarmacking of Naivas-National Oil road, Ngilu dared the MCAs to produce proof of her alleged corruption.

The NARC governor said the MCAs are bitter after she sealed corruption loopholes.

“I will not be shaken by their malicious allegations, they are the people who want to 'eat' taxpayer’s money,” Ngilu said.

Ngilu said she will only step aside if the MCAs provide evidence of her alleged graft.

She alleged that her zeal to serve Kitui residents is being thwarted and frustrated by the county legislators.

Ngilu asked Kitui residents to ignore propaganda being spewed by the MCAs.

In relation to the county's supplementary budget that MCAs have refused to approve, Ngilu said she will seek the Senate’s intervention.

She said the MCAs cannot hold Kitui residents at ransom.

Ngilu and the MCAs are embroiled in a tussle over the supplementary budget.

The MCAs have vowed not to approve the budget accusing Ngilu of misappropriating county funds.

Ngilu on the other hand claims that Kitui MCAs are demanding for luxury retreats and trips to Mombasa.