Former Presidential aspirant and human rights activist Nazlin Umar has formed a revolutionary movement to force corrupt governors out of office.

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According to Umar, the People’s Revolution of Kenya (PRK) will fight corruption especially in counties across the country.

Speaking to journalists at the Milimani Law Courts on Wednesday, Umar said PRK's first assignment will be to force Mandera Governor Ali Roba out of office.

The former presidential candidate vowed to expose corrupt governors.

He alleged that some governors are siphoning taxpayer’s money for their own use at the expense of development.

“I will continue to expose them (corrupt leaders) by filing private prosecution cases against them,” Umar said.

Nazlin urged Kenyans to be firm and expose leaders perpetuating graft.

This comes as a Mandera resident has instituted private prosecution against Governor Roba.

Mr Simba Hasheem wants Roba prosecuted over alleged abuse of office and misuse of public resources.

The case has been filed before the Milimani Anti-Corruption court.