The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has now come up with a new rule that will see refilling of gas cylinders take a new dimension. 

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According to EPRA Director General Pavel Oimeke, gas cylinder brand owners will be required to take only their brands to refill or in case of maintenance. 

This new law will help in the fight against fake brand owners who refill and re-brand gas cylinders that they don't own.

“The unified valve for domestic LPG cylinders will remain but replace the mandatory interchange of cylinders with a mutual exchange system. This will enhance cost efficiency in the cylinder exchange system and thus improve LPG distribution,” Oimeke said.

Oimeke on Tuesday launched the proposed Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) regulation.

EPRA Director further went ahead to remind gas cylinder marketers that brand owners will be solely responsible in the event a cylinder under their brand leaks or explodes.

“The current regulations had not been clear as to who owns the cylinder between the user and the marketing companies. The new regulations are clear that the brand owners are the owners of the cylinders and if there is an accident, the owner will take responsibility,” added EPRA's Director-General.