President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that he will supervise some of the projects he has initiated in Mt Kenya because he doesn’t not trust those he has tasked with the job. 

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Speaking in Kinangop on Friday, Uhuru said that he is committed to ensuring that he achieves the Big Four agenda before the end of his tenure in office.

 The head of state said that he had trusted some government officials but nothing much has been forthcoming from the projects while the general public is eagerly waiting for  change.

 “I no longer trust anyone,” said the visibly infuriated Uhuru.

Uhuru compared the leaders he used to send to the ground to hyenas after they failed to deliver on their mandate in the long run. He lamented that some of the leaders are doing all these things for their personal gains when the general public is faulting him.

“Those I used to send to represent me and ensure that development projects are on the right track started behaving like hyenas and doing their own things to enrich themselves. Let no one cheat you; from today, I am not sending anyone to help me. I’ll do it on my own,” he said.

Uhuru reiterated that he will continue fighting graft before he leaves power. He further warned officials from the government against engaging in politics at the expense.